Liah S Thorley  - Writer

Hope's Legacy

Hope is a nervous young woman with a psychic secret that she must guard for fear of her life, and she couldn’t live in a more dangerous time and place. In 1692 Salem, Massachusetts went through one of the most tragic events in modern history where fear and superstition resulted in the unlawful execution of 20 men and women, and the imprisonment of almost 200. We witness these terrifying events through Hope’s eyes as she tries to save not only her own and her mother’s lives, but those of her many times great grandchildren.


After the loss of her twin brother Simon in 2011, and the later breakup of her engagement, Asha emotionally withdrew and threw herself into her work. Now she has just finished her PhD in Criminal Psychology and doesn’t know what to do next. But when she gets the call from her mother asking her to fly to Boston to arrange the funeral of her great aunt Etta, Asha’s her life is turned upside down once more. Etta has left a trail of clues and a family connection Asha could never have imagined. But between them can they find out what happened Simon?  


(C) 2019 Liah S Thorley; all rights reserved

As yet unpublished