Liah S Thorley  - Writer

Hidden Doorways

To her family Catherine is lost in time, lost to her friends and lost to the 21st century.  To her she is a young Tudor woman with a new husband, a business to run and no memory of who she really is.  But Catherine’s life is about to change forever and perhaps for the better.


(c) 2010 Liah S Thorley, all rights reserved

More than half a millennium in her future is Michael, a professor of physics with a secret he finds hard to live with.  Guilt and sorrow dominate his search for the daughter he accidentally sent back in time when she was only six years old.  Each occasion Michael attempts to find her, Catherine is dragged through time, placing her into some of the most frightening and harrowing points in English history.  

Through her journal Catherine tells us her heart wrenching story of love, loss and adventure covering three centuries.


Michael’s determination to find his missing child and bring her back to the time in which she was born is understandable and admirable, but is he destroying his daughter's life?

All Catherine wants is a happy home and a contented life, but time is a playful thing.


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